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Just as each web site design is different, the cost of the website will be different.  The cost will depend on the requirements of your website.  For example do you need an informational website?  Do you plan to sell products or services?  Will your site require any web programming such as PHP, MYSQL, etc.  Do you want Macromedia Flash to be used in your website project?  Factors like these must be taken into account when preparing a quote for your web site design project.  To give you an idea of what a website design from Fyr'n Ice Designs will cost, the following rates are available for a static html website design:

NOTE:  These prices are provided as a general planning guide. Your web design cost may vary depending on your specific requirements.

Note: Our fees are based on you providing your content to us in electronic format.  Written materials may be provided to us in the body of an email, Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad format only.  There is no limit to the amount of text.  Please ensure that the grammar, syntax and spelling is correct. Your audience will notice these things and it will affect the way they think about you.

If you provide your content in the form of existing manuscripts, brochures, literature, etc. and you wish to have us process the information additional fees shall be incurred. Please note that we will not rewrite and/or edit your existing materials/information. Your editing, etc. must be done prior to your submission of your materials. Additional fees shall apply if we convert printed materials into electronic format.


A deposit (payable in US funds) is required to begin all website design projects.

Web Page Design / Layout Services

First (Home) Page - basic cost


All additional pages - basic cost

$25.00 ea

Text / Marketing / Design consultation

No Charge

Typesetting of all text (unlimited words per page)

No Charge

Copy editing / writing and technical writing


Coded basic Horizontal Rules / Bullets as needed

No Charge

One E-mail response link

No Charge

Internal navigation links to other pages

No Charge

One external link per page

No Charge

Additional internal / external / e-mail links

No Charge

Website access counter setup

No Charge

Custom JavaScripts or CGI Scripts


Choice of coded color Background

No Charge

Stock Navigational Icons and Buttons

No Charge

Custom Designed Buttons / Icons

$10.00 ea

Animated GIF Image

$25.00+ ea



Choice of stock Graphical Background

No Charge

Stock Graphical Bullets / Bars

No Charge

Custom Graphics, Backgrounds, Image Manipulation

$30.00+ ea

Client supplied images (GIF or JPEG format)

No Charge

Graphic Scanning of photos or images

$5.00 ea

Website submission to 40 top major Search Engines and directories via a website submission service.

No Charge

Additional Search Engine options include submission of your website to thousands of search engines and directories and email you a detailed report listing the search engines to which your website was submitted. We will also manually submit your website to the following major search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing (formerly MSN), and DMOZ (Open Directory). Yahoo no longer accepts automated submissions, so do not be fooled by companies claiming to submit your site to Yahoo with their software!  We also offer the option of Free-For-All (FFA) Link Directory submissions. However, because some people feel that FFA Directories have a negative impact or lack usefulness, we will not submit to FFA Directories unless you request that option.

One Time Submission:

Monthly for six months (Save $129.75):

Monthly for 1 year (Save $279.45):

Quarterly for 1 year - 4 Total Submission (Save $79.85):





Related site search of competition

No Charge

PDF Creation

$5.00 ea

Basic Tables


Customer Feedback / Order Forms



No Charge

Colored / Blinking Text

No Charge

Database design and integration (MySql)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fees will depend on how competitive your keywords are.  What is SEO?


SSL Certificates (HTTPS)  SSL Detailed Definition


Web Hosting (Each new website of 3 pages or more includes Hosting for 1 year)

See Details

Domain Registration (Each new website includes Domain Registration for 1 year)

See Details

Site Maintenance (Optional)    

What is Web Site Maintenance?

We consider updates to existing content, update to existing design, removing old web pages, editing images, editing structure of the web site as tasks that belong to site maintenance. Covered is any changes done to the web site as long as half of the web site is not changed.  If there is a need to change half or more than half it would be considered a Web Site Redesign, and it would not be covered under website maintenance.

Determining whether you need web site maintenance service!

It is IMPORTANT to say that informational web sites MUST be constantly updated.  Why would visitors come back to your site if they will see the same information over and over again?  Therefore, updating your web site on a regular basis will guarantee returning customers.

Our Web Maintenance Plan

To keep our packages simple and understandable we offer one plan. In addition, price is not the main factor here, our plan is based on what type of work is included in the scope of maintaining your web site. Listed price are only for approximate orientation.

Therefore we have:

Pay-As-You-Go Maintenance Plan - This plan is as simple as it gets, you send us a request, we provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost, you confirm the price, we make the changes and bill you as agreed at an hourly rate.  $35.00/Hr.

Note: Maintenance plans cover all textual and design changes to your web site. In design changes We consider editing images, changing layout, banners, themes, etc. as design changes.

Maintenance requests that take longer than your allotted time will be billed at $35.00 per hour.

Site redesign, video/audio, custom graphics/animations, feedback forms or adding new pages are NOT included. To add these features or for additional details, please see our Pricing above or contact us directly.

Prices for Fyr'n Ice Designs clients only.  IF YOUR SITE WAS NOT DESIGNED BY Fyr'n Ice Designs please contact us for a custom website maintenance service quote

Our shopping cart software offers many configuration options which allow easy storefront customization.  We offer a PHP shopping cart platform that provides robust sales analytics tools right out of the box.  Many shopping cars to choose from covering tangible and virtual products including a full admin section for easy customization.

$50 Installation

Customizing by Fyr'n Ice Designs.