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Each site is as individual as the product, service or person being represented.  So, we do not have any preset "packages".  We offer fair, reasonable prices, and only charge for what you require or desire for your site.  Therefore, the cost of each site is "constructed" according to your individual needs.

To begin the construction of your website, you provide us with the information, graphics and enough background so we can create an outline.  Your existing brochures and sales literature are a good start.  Here are some suggestions for website content:

How We Work

Turn Around Time

Turn around time on website design projects depends on client workload, but is usually within a couple of weeks depending on your web site requirements.  When we prepare your free web site design quote, we will give you a time frame to complete your project.

Web Site Content

Our fees are based on you providing your content to us in electronic format.  Written materials may be provided to us in the body of an email, Microsoft Word, WordPad or Notepad format only.  There is no limit to the amount of text.  Please ensure that the grammar, syntax and spelling is correct. Your audience will notice these things and it will affect the way they think about you.

If you provide your content in the form of existing manuscripts, brochures, literature, etc. and you wish to have us process the information additional fees shall be incurred. Please note that we will not rewrite and/or edit your existing materials/information. Your editing, etc. must be done prior to your submission of your materials. Additional fees shall apply if we convert printed materials into electronic format.


A deposit (payable in US funds) is required to begin all website design projects.

It is IMPORTANT to say that informational web sites MUST be constantly updated.  Why would visitors come back to your site if they will see the same information over and over again?  Therefore, updating your web site on a regular basis will guarantee returning customers.

 To keep our packages simple and understandable we present only three different plans. In addition, price is not the main factor here, our plans are based on what type of work is included in the scope of maintaining your web site.

Website Maintenance
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  • Dealer Lists
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